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Opioids on our roads
Research shows that prescription opioids are increasingly implicated as a contributing cause of fatal motor vehicle accidents. Continue reading

By   /  March 26, 2019

DUI rates in the U.S. hit new low
Federal data shows that the percentage of people driving under the influence of alcohol fell to a 13-year low in the United States. Continue reading

By   /  January 27, 2017

Drugged drivers pose a serious threat
Motorists now view drivers, who are under the influence of illicit drugs, as bigger threats than those driving under the influence of alcohol. Continue reading

By   /  June 20, 2016

The dangers of “drugged driving”
Public awareness of the dangers of drugged driving is low. To increase awareness, a guide was created to help states act proactively. Continue reading

By   /  October 14, 2015

AAA researches marijuana-impaired driving
AAA gathered compelling data about marijuana legalization and its impacts on drivers and is sponsoring new studies about drugged driving. Continue reading

By   /  June 17, 2015