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Drug Testing Do’s and Don’ts

by Pablo Bolanos on November 14, 2017

Its 6:00 a.m. and the sound of your alarm fills the calm morning air. You’re certain that wonderful wake up sound is a bit early and hit snooze to catch a bit more rest. You finally wake up and when you do, you’re immediately hopeful, because today could mark the beginning of a new chapter. As you sit down next to your closest friend—coffee—you take a moment to reflect on your journey and replay the steps you’ve taken to change one of the most important aspects of your life—where you work.

During the past month, you’ve written down potential interview questions, calmed your nerves during face-to-face meetings, and rehearsed the perfect tone when you assert yourself as the best-suited candidate for the job. Prospective employers met you, listened, and got to know you better, and, at last, one manager recognized that your talent would be a great fit for the team and made you a conditional job offer. Before walking proudly into your new job, there is one last step—you must complete and pass a drug test.

As the most common reason for testing, a pre-employment drug test, helps employers proactively protect themselves from the negative impacts of hiring a drug user. The process kicks off when an employer gives the candidate instructions to provide a urine, oral fluid or hair drug test specimen. The test is typically conducted at an off-site location like a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center by a professional test administrator. It’s significant to note that the drug testing process is standardized across our network, meaning the same strict regimen occurs no matter which Quest site you visit. Our staff is trained to be welcoming, respectful, and to consistently follow strict guidelines.

Your part in the process is simple, yet equally important, to ensuring a successful drug test collection. With the goal of making sure that you, as well as others in the waiting area, have a safe and pleasant experience, we have compiled 10 helpful tips:


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Three Steps to Paperless Drug Testing

by Dennis King on April 29, 2016

dennis-king-presentsThere are many reasons why to transition to paperless drug testing including the Final Rule published by the U.S. Department of Transportation that allows employers, collectors, laboratories and Medical Review Officers  to use electronic Custody and Control Forms, or eCCFs, for their regulated drug testing programs. Benefits include the elimination of inventory management and storage of paper forms, streamlined delivery of eCCF copies to employers and MROs, the ability to track and monitor real-time drug tests online from order to final result, and increased speed of a process through the use of technology. Yet, of all of these benefits, one stands out as possibly the most impactful – clear, easy to read Custody and Control (CCF) Form images that capture all of the required data.

Here are three steps to help employers transition to paperless drug testing:

1 – Require Electronic Non-Regulated Collections
An employer can send the donor to a collection site with a paper CCF. eCCF-enabled collection sites in the Quest Diagnostics network will automatically convert paper CCFs to eCCFs at the time of collection. This process yields high-quality digital images and consistent specimen collection protocols guided by an online wizard. In this scenario, the only change required of employers who continue to utilize paper CCFs is that they will need to begin tracking their donor’s drug test via the Donor ID located in Step 1. C. of the paper CCF as other unique identifiers will change during the conversion process.

2 – Order Non-Regulated Tests Online
Employers can order drug tests online and provide donors with a drug test collection authorization form. This method offers simplified processing at the collection site, real-time status updates for drug tests and the elimination of frustrations associated with paper forms.

3 – Go Paperless with Regulated Testing
Once an employer’s drug testing laboratory is approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP) to offer Federal eCCF, the organization can implement online ordering for your regulated drug tests. This will increase program control by using one system for every drug testing transaction and eliminate illegible images by purging paper forms.

Online processes mean less paperwork, fewer errors and increased productivity for your organization. Begin enjoying the advantages of speed and efficiency by taking steps to transition to paperless drug.

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