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Drug Testing

Excuses for positive drug tests

August 1, 2018 By

The most common excuses for why people fail drug tests include claims about second-hand smoke or accidental consumption. Arm yourself with knowledge to deter cheating.

Urine testing

States move to ban synthetic urine

May 4, 2018 By

Synthetic urine has become a popular means of attempting to elude a positive drug test result, considering it often contains uric acid, a chemical naturally found in urine.


Stretch your dollar with on-site collections

March 24, 2016 By

While all drug test offerings can help generate a positive ROI, on-site collections help employers stretch their dollars even further.

Urine testing

Adulterant testing using TestSure

September 12, 2011 By

To help ensure the integrity of urine drug tests, it’s important to perform specimen validity testing.