marijuana white paper

What are the trends in marijuana use in the American workforce? Can a drug test detect cannabidiol (CBD)? What is the difference between THC and CBD? Is marijuana still illegal at the federal level?  What are the differences between legalization, decriminalization, medical, and recreational marijuana?  

Employers continue to have questions about cannabis and its impact on workplace safety and employee well-being. Additionally, marijuana continues to top the list of the most detected illicit substance across all workforce categories, drug test types, and testing reasons. It is important that companies committed to drug-free workplaces get the facts and data from the experts.

R. H. Barry Sample, PhD and D. Faye Caldwell are titans in the alcohol and drug testing industry with decades of experience under their belts. These experts helped to bring clarity to complex topics such as state marijuana legislation and the implications of drugs in the workforce. Other topics include:

  • Terminology
  • Marijuana positivity data and trends
  • Federal developments 
  • Safety-sensitive employees
  • Legal implications for employers

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