The many benefits of eReq & eOrders

Quest Diagnostics eReq solution and our network of more than 1,600 collection sites provides companies with a number of important benefits.

Savings – eReq reduces shipping costs, storage fees and the time it takes employers to order and review a drug test. For employers with multiple hiring locations, the savings can become significant.

Hiring Speed – Employers can set an expiration window in which the donor must provide a specimen. Not only does this reduce the donor’s potential ability to “clean their system”, but it also helps to keep the entire process moving.  Employers can receive negative results online within 15 minutes of the completion of the test. Improved speed to hire makes companies more competitive as they seek to hire new employees.

Improved Visibility – From order to result, and every step in between, a hiring manager can now track the donor’s status online throughout the collection process.

Going Green – An electronic process can significantly reduce the amount of paper consumed. Less paper means less waste. It’s a small thing, but reducing paper is a big step in the right direction.

Accuracy – An online requisition form means fewer data entry errors and omissions when tests are ordered.

Storage – Everything that you do is stored within our electronic system. This online storage makes searches, retrieval and distribution simpler,  and it can reduce the boxes and file cabinets that you have to maintain in your office.

Getting Started is Easy – Setting up your company on eOrders is free, fast and easy. Simply complete our online request form or call 800-877-7484 option #6.

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