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DEA proposal to curb production of prescription drugs
On August 7, 2017 the DEA published a proposal to limit the manufacturing of several controlled substances starting in 2018. Continue reading

By   /  August 24, 2017

Challenging the poppy seed defense
A new Quest Diagnostics study helps to answer the question: Can eating poppy seeds produce a positive drug test for a job applicant or employee? Continue reading

By   /  October 16, 2015

New to drug testing: Cold medicine’s effect on drug test results
Some cold medicines contain drugs such as hydrocodone, codeine and sympathomimetics, which have been reported to affect drug test results. Continue reading

By   /  December 20, 2013

Opiates now primary drugs of abuse
Admissions for the primary abuse of opiates such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and codeine, have increased steadily since 1997. Continue reading

By   /  August 14, 2012

Cold medicines and drug test results
Questions surrounding common cold medicines and their impact on drug testing results commonly arise. Continue reading

By   /  November 15, 2010